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Pitlanes team member Jason has been busy messing about with a selection power tools and some choice language to build himself a new sim racing rig and bellow is his story. The idea started to come about after buying a Simxperience Accuforce direct drive wheel a few months ago which …

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Feel VR

Feel VR Sim Racing Hardware

Feel VR Sim Racing Hardware It’s not all that often a new player enters the sim racing hardware game. But here, we have Feel VR. Usually when a new outfit comes a long they tend to be high-end, high priced and generally out of reach for your average sim racer. …

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F1SimGames Custom Button Box Labels.

F1SimGames are now producing some excellent button box accessories in the form of a range of coloured plastic button covers and labels. These labels will work with both push buttons, toggle switches and rotary dials ranging in size from 10mm – 16mm The labels can be mounted in a couple …

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Its that crazy time of year again were us sim racers can pick up a bargain or two in the now world wide Black Friday sales. This is our round up of some of the best deals for sim racers we could find including both hardware and software. If you …

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Thrustmaster TX Servo Wheel Base

Thrustmaster have just released details of a new TX servo wheel base for both PC and xbox one. This new wheel base revolves around an industrial-class brushless motor that delivers smooth and seamless Force Feedback effects that are both reactive and latency-free. The rotation angle is adjustable up to 900 …

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Fanatec Driver v222 Beta released

Fanatec have released a new beta Windows 10 driver v222 which is available today. The package also contains new firmware for your device as well. Here is the full change log for the Fanatec driver version 222: Supported devices Wheels: ClubSport Wheel Base V2 ClubSport Wheel Base CSR Wheel CSR …

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Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 released

Fanatec recently released the 3rd version of their clubsport pedals. They are available by clicking here to pre-order from the Fanatec store. At the time of writing they were due to become available on 31/8/2015. Features Vibration motor on gas pedal indicates rear wheel spin and oversteer Pressure sensitive brake …

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