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Studio 397 October Roadmap update

Studio 397 October Roadmap update

Studio 397 October Roadmap update

With minutes left of the month the Studio 397 October Roadmap update dropped. It’s a fairly reflective post detailing unexpected problems, challenges and opportunity.


First of all it is explained the choice they had to make with regards to the graphics engine and DX11. Do they choose to make it work with their existing engine or buy, off the shelf, presumably. Obviously they decided to make their current engine work with DX 11 which of course enabled VR. It also allowed full backwards compatibility with existing tech which would make any transition substantially easier.

The UI is coming a long but is taking longer than expected. The client-side of this is in beta testing now with very positive feedback. They also mention that within the Worlds Fastest Gamer competition, they kind of showed some of the multiplayer tech going forward. While it’s currently in a browser the plan is to have it all in game in the future. With updates to the dedicated server, launcher and new HUD overlay system, it’s taking a while longer than projected.

It’s worth noting that with the next major code update, they expect DX11 to become default. This should be before the end of 2017. This should bring with it some of the rain improvements they have teased along with some lighting improvements.


Studio 397 have been fairly brutally honest in the fact they have identified somewhat of a flaw with their tire model and the way it provides grip. Within the Studio 397 October Roadmap update they do explain in fair detail exactly the issue, but the long and short of it, as I understand it is, tires were overheating too much at high speed and also cooling too quickly. They have addressed this for the next build. Please feel free to correct me on my conclusion in the comments!

They promise a more in-depth physics blog in the near future.


  • The Corvette C7.R GTE car is mostly done from a model point of view. They’re working on sound and physics and are looking at other options in GTE and related classes.
  • Their Motec implementation still has not started, mostly because theyve prioritized other things at the moment.
  • Progress on Zandvoort and their first Radical have been slow, and they expect both to be completed in 2018.
  • they are already working on some of the Tatuus cars they’ve licensed, but those are still in early phases.
  • A final thing they reported on is improved spotter code. To be honest, there the community has come up with a great alternative, Crew Chief, so they’re reconsidering what we should be focusing on here.


What do you think to the Studio 397 October Roadmap update? Let us know in the comments!

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