Steam are once again running a massive winter sale which contains some great offers on many of the top PC sim racing titles and this is our guide to the best deals for the best titles.

ASSETTO CORSA – is now only £3.09 with a whopping 80% in the sale and with a modding community still as active as ever this title is well worth buying.


ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE – Is on sale for only £11.89 as it has 66% off in this sale and is the GT3 sim on the PC


AUTOMOBILISTA – This is the original title by Reiza and is still worth checking out as it supports some fantastic mods and is only £9.99 with 50% off.


AUTOMOBILISTA 2 – This is Reiza’s current sim racing title and has seen a massive improvement during 2021 and is well worth buying now at only £13.99 with 60% off.


DIRT RALLY 2.0 – This one of the best rally titles on the PC and if you have a VR headset its a must buy at only £4.49 with 75% off.


F1 2021 – Is the latest F1 title from Codemasters and is still the only title on the PC to give you that whole F1 race weekend experience and is well worth trying for £14.99 with 70% off.


RACEROOM – Now this is a bit of an odd title to include in the Steam Sale run down as its a free to play title but some of the brilliant DLC is in the sale with 50% off most of the packs of which the 92 DTM cars are really worth buying at only £2.79


RFACTOR 2 – Love the new UI or not you cant deny this is one of the best sim racing titles on the PC with a stunning tyre model and the title and its DLC are all in the Steam sale and at only £6.44 with 75% off you would be mad not to pick it up.


So that’s our pick of the best sim racing deals on the Steam Store Winter Sale but be quick as all these offers run out on the 5th January 2022 but which ever one, ones you get you wont be disappointed of that you can be sure.

Happy sim racing.

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