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rFactor 2 – November Road Map

Studio 397 have just released their latest dev blog covering up and coming new features and content for their sim rFactor 2.

Some of the highlights in the road map include a new update that will make DX11 the default by the end of the year which will also introduce a new HUD and even more exciting will be the new rain effects.

The complete blog can be found below,


We’re also ready to announce that we will be making DX11 the default before Christmas. As an intermediate step before we come with a new HUD system for plugins, we’ll focus on providing a default HUD that includes a lot of the features you have been enjoying in third party plugins. One of these is a new dial that show you the time delta compared to your best lap, but we have a few other new things and enhancements planned. Part of this DX11 update will be the inclusion of the “rain update” that we previewed at SimExpo. We’ve since perfected it. We’ve also improved the ambient lighting, producing subtle differences that give the overall image a slightly more dramatic look. At the moment we are working feverishly to update all our cars and tracks to make maximum use of these new features. We’ll incrementally release those updates, but anticipate to already have a substantial part done before the end of this year. The shots below are still work in progress, but show you what we’ve been doing to make the rain look better on both cars and tracks.

Another announcement is that we officially support all the new Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and we’ll have more details on that in a separate announcement soon. In 2018 we will focus on more DX11 related updates, both in terms of performance and fidelity. As announced, that means we’re deprecating DX9, meaning it will still be available, but it won’t be updated anymore. This gives us more bandwidth to focus on the new engine, which should be a huge benefit for everybody.

Wrapping up this month’s update, we all wish you a happy holiday season and we’ll be back with one final roadmap update close to the end of the year. Of course we will be back in 2018. Happy simracing!


Looks like we have some nice updates in the pipeline for early 2018 for rFactor 2 which should keep RF2 fresh and exciting to check out and that will give us sim racers a happy new year !

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rFactor 2 can be found on Steam – http://store.steampowered.com/app/365960/rFactor_2/




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