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rFactor 2 Apex Modding GT3 Mod

Apex Modding have just released an all new version of their GT3 mod for rFactor 2.

This latest version now includes the McLaren MP4-12C along side the original line up of,

and Corvette

GT3 cars.

They have also added and updated the CPM for the tyre system ISI has introduced into rFactor2 for all the cars.

Here is the change log for this latest update version 0.92,


cpm patch on every tyres ,slick and rain on every car

tyres temp and wear are now better ,but you need to stay clean on road and have a good setup..

mp412c gt3 added to the mod

3d,2d,and sounds = yoss
Turbo engine physics and rounds thing : Michael Borda ISI

Reworked things,

– as requested ,new filter system for select only the car of the mod , more easy :
one general filter named AMGT3

and one specific filter if you want choose one one car of the mod for challenge cup :

– updated z4 physics for correct the aleatory game ctd with this car
– new gear box on the 854
– less oversteer on the 799
– every car receveid new from scratch chassis flex file made with the ISI tool
– every car have a new damage file , based on camaro gt3 isi file
– updated cockpit rendering ,external and internal window with the new tone mapper isi


– zbuffler problem on the sls and z4 on nordcheiffe and silverstone resolved (thanks tosch for the help)
– continious work on stop problem some car suffer because ISI put invisble easter egg everywhere (i m joking) thanks Freddy3792 and Gijs van Elderen for the help
– banner problem on the 799 resolved

To find out more and to download this mod please – CLICK HERE

To buy or try rFactor 2 please – CLICK HERE


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