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RaceRoom November update details

This morning Sector3 released a lot of details of the upcoming November new build of their sim title RaceRoom.

One of the biggest highlights will be the first iteration of full triple screen support, one of the features we here at Piltanes have been patiently waiting for since the sim’s release ! At first it will have to be setup via the launcher options in Steam but it over time become and in sim menu option.

Also the entire GT3 class will receive a complete overall with new physics and FFB, along some new GT3 cars if the pictures are a massive hint ! It would seem they have some real world data to help really make these car feel even better and the new BOP may help level the playing field in multiplayer sessions.

Sector3 also mention the Porsche content due to hit RaceRoom before the years end, but stop short of saying what and when ! But we do know that we are still on course to see 3 Porsche models this year with the first to most likely to be the Porsche Cup car which was teased via a RaceRoom event last month.

One of the last highlights for us is the new competition aspect titled Race 2 Win,

Details are a little thin on the ground until after the new patch goes live but it seems there will be something to get involved in around the clock which could be fun. There will be prizes on offer but it would seem you may need to cough up some VRP’s to join in.


These are just a few of the new features and updates due in the November patch that stood out to us here at Pitlanes.com but below is a link to the whole forum post by Sector3 covering all the details released so far.


After hunting about on the Sector3 forums it looks like the date they are aiming for is 14th November for this latest patch but at this point its not been officially confirmed and could be subject to delay, but fingers crossed it all comes together OK for the 14th.


Too check out the complete run down of the November RaceRoom build please visit the Sector3 forums – HERE



RaceRoom can be downloaded for free on Steam – HERE

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