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Pitlanes Sim Racing is going from strength to strength and continues to grow with more sim racing content being published across our many platforms, with something for all virtual racers to enjoy and be involved with.


The biggest thing to happen in 2021 is Rich going full time a Facebook live streamer and has already become a Facebook Gaming Partner with over 25,000 followers. Rich is normally live at least twice a day and he features many different racing titles, including Trucks, bikes and cars !

If you would like to catch Rich live and join in any one of his popular racing streams then please come and follow us on Facebook via this link – https://www.facebook.com/gaming/Pitlanescom/


We are still actively building both our subscribers and content on YouTube with the Pitlanes Sim Racing channel and you can watch and enjoy videos covering all aspects of sim racing every few days, so there is always something new waiting for you.

We check out the latest mods, sim racing updates along with our Tin Top and Battle Of The Sims videos and they can all be found right here – https://www.youtube.com/user/pitlanes


If you enjoy flicking through sim racing related pictures and clips then our Instagram page will be just what you are looking for as its updated almost daily with pics and clips of our racing activities along with news of upcoming sim racing title updates and DLC.

To join over 1,500 followers please use this link – https://www.instagram.com/pitlanes_sim_racing/


To find out when our new Facebook live streams or YouTube videos are ready to go live then why not give our Twitter account a follow, we also keep you updated on Pitlanes Sim Racing news on here as well !

To find us on Twitter please use this link – https://twitter.com/PitLanes

So as you can see we are as busy as ever here at Pitlanes Sim Racing and still as passionate as ever about all aspects of this diverse hobby and still enjoy nothing more than sharing it all with fellow virtual racers such as yourselves !

So please hit those links above and join our friendly racing community and most of all get involved.

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