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Pitlanes.com HPD Challenge Series on iRacing.com

This Sunday 27th March 2016 will be the teaser events for the up coming Pitlanes.com HPD Challenge series on iRacing.com

Whats all this about then ?

The Pitlanes Challenge series takes a different car each season and asks you to race it on both road and oval tracks alternatively.

What car will you be using ?

For our 12th Season our members have decided to run the HPD.

How long are the races ?

10 of the 12 races will be 1 hour, but we also have 2, 2 hour endurance races.

How do the championships work ?

We will be running the series over 12 rounds. There is an overall championship in which you can drop 2 weeks, an oval championship in which all 6 oval races count, a road championship where all 6 road races count and a team championship in which all 12 races count from 2 team mates.

How do I enter a team ?

Simply CLICK HERE and register your team in our Pitlanes.com HPD Challenge topic.
What licence do I need ?

Any. As this is hosted and SR/IR don’t count, you can be any licence level and any ability.

How do race nights work ?

Each race meeting will have a practice session, a qualifying session, and a single race.

What night is this on ?

The series will run on Sunday nights and will be held over 12 race nights (12 races)

The first race of the new season will be on April 10th 2016 at Laguna Seca road course.

What time does it start ?

All times are UK time, currently GMT
Practice from 6.00pm until 8.00pm
Qualifying from 8.00pm
Race 8.10pm (approx)

How are the points worked out ?

1st = 100, 2nd = 95, 3rd = 90 decreasing by 4 for each position to 10th, 11th = 59 decreasing by 3 for each position to 19th, 20th = 32 decreasing by 2 points per position to 31st, 32nd = 9 decreasing by 1 point per position to 40th.
You can also get the following bonus/penalty points – Race winner = 5, Pole Position (race 1 only) = 3, Lead 1 lap or more = 1 point, Lead the most laps = 1, Fastest lap in each race = 3 points, Fastest average lap in each race = 2, O incidents = 10, -5 for every 10 incidents.

What about setups ?

We will be using OPEN setups and because we are a friendly league, if the faster drivers could help the slower drivers with setups, it will make better racing for us all.. The cars will also be fuel limited. New for this season we will have a random fuel percentage for each race of between 20% and 30%

Cautions ?

Full course cautions with lucky dog for oval races and full course cautions with no lucky dog for road races (road races may switch to local cautions depending on the results of the teaser races)

Lucky Dog ?

The iRacing auto lucky dog will be used in all oval races

Black Flags ?

Black flags will only be cleared in practice and qualifying sessions not in race sessions

What weather settings will you use ?

All races will have the weather set to whatever the long range forecast is for each event.

What about bad drivers ?

Protests are made to the admin team and they will decide whether to endorse a drivers licence.
All drivers entering the series will start with a clean licence.
The stewards will award licence penalty points where they see fit ranging from 1 to 5 points depending on the severity of the incident.
Any driver reaching 10 penalty points will sit out the next race.
Any driver reaching 25 penalty points will sit out the rest of the series.
The stewards decisions will be final.

Do we get any free repairs ?

Yes, 1 free repair is allowed per race.

How will you work the starts ?

All Oval races will be rolling starts.
All Road races will be standing starts where possible.

Can my friends play out with me ?

Yes they can. The series will be open to all and also advertised in the iRacing.com Private League & Hosted Racing, HPD and the UK&I forums.

Are there drop weeks ?

Yes, you can drop 2 weeks in the overall championship only.

Schedule ?

Can Be Found by – CLICKING HERE

When does all this start then ?

The first race of the season is on Sunday 10th April although we will be holding a double header teaser session on Sunday 27th March.

Where do I sign up ?

Firstly, please reply by CLICKING HERE with your team name if applicable, and also your desired car number (numbers are purely first come first served and will be added to the league members info on iRacing.com


Who are the league admins ?

Clyde Whiting (UK&I)
Richard Goodwin (UK&I)
Markus Ager (DE-AT-CH)
Jason Palmer (UK&I)
Zlatko Knezevic (DE-AT-CH)
Vit Salomon (Central-Eastern Europe)


All of us here at pitlanes.com can’t for the new series to start and really look forward to seeing you all out on the track, oh and good luck !


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