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PC – WRC 5 Patch v1.08 Live

Kylotonn Games have now released an update to the PC version of their rally game WRC 5 bringing it up to version 1.08.

This update is a biggy in terms of sorting out the lingering wheel compatibility issues this game has had. More information about gaming patches from hollab.org.

I own a v1 Fanatec Club Sport Wheel Base with universal hub and this is the first time since the games release back on the 8th October that i have been able to get the car to move off the start line due to various bits of my Fanatec setup not being supported one way or another !

They have slowly updated the game to sort out most of the hardware issues including supporting stand alone USB devices such as pedals and shifters but this latest one v1.08 allows you to finally sort out getting any wheel to work with this game via an all new option in the wheel setting menu using an axis detection procedure for non-supported wheels.

Here is the full change log for this update,

– Lobby bug fix
– Spectator mode crash fix

– Collision issue with Mexico cacti corrected

– 10 ghosts are now visible (instead of 5)

Tile events:
– Events timezone bug fix
– Server error message change

– Added 7 segments display support on Fanatec wheels
– Added rev LEDs display support on Fanatec wheels
– Added axis detection procedure for non-supported wheels

Misc bug fixes:
– Quick rally mode duplicate score bug fix
– Quick rally mode give up score bug fix
– Replay bug fix when accepting an invitation

I have been wanting to try this game for a couple of months now so i was looking forward to getting some rallying in with this latest update.

The new axis detection works fairly well once you work out that you only need to sort out the non detected axis and not all of the listed ones which for me was just the steering axis and i had to skip the rest or the game just sat there !

So it was off to the track to see how this game faired against Dirt Rally the early access rally sim from Codemasters on Steam, and well all i can say was it was not really worth the wait and i am now glad i got this game a heavy discount as it just doesn’t do it for me, which is a real shame as i was looking forward to taking this years WRC machinery out for a blast around a stage or two.

For me i will keep an eye on how this title develops via future updates but Dirt Rally will still be my go to rally sim for now.

But if WRC 5 is your rally sim of choice you will find this latest update will certainly help get your sim gear setup properly to go racing with.

To find WRC 5 on Steam please – CLICK HERE

or to check our Dirt Rally on Steam please – CLICK HERE


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