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The Week Of Updates.

Well this has been a busy week for most of the major PC sims with iRacing, Assetto Corsa and RaceRoom Racing Experience all getting new updates and some new content. First up is They have introduced a new update that helps with the dreaded stutter and also balances out …

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This Sunday 27th March 2016 will be the teaser events for the up coming HPD Challenge series on Whats all this about then ? The Pitlanes Challenge series takes a different car each season and asks you to race it on both road and oval tracks alternatively. What …

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Tatuus F4 coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 have just posted some details about a new open wheel car coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience in the form of the Tatuus F4. This new car is officially licensed from the Italian chassis manufacturer Tatuus with a monocoque carbon composite chassis and features adjustable aero profiles. As of now there is no …

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Cadwell Park is CAutomobilista update v0.9.4 releasedonfirmed

Automobilista now live on Steam

Rezia Studios have just released their latest title, Automobilista, on Steam as part of the early access program. This new sim is a ground up re build of their previous title Game Stock Car Extreme due to the fact that they now have full access to the gmotor2 engine and …

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rFactor 2 Build 1098 Released!

rFactor 2 40% off on Steam

rFactor 2 40% off on Steam For two days (from 17/2/2016) rFactor 2 has a huge 40% off for two days! Standard £14.39 Lifetime edition £37.79 Online subscription £8.99 Standard Version The standard version of rFactor 2 gives you the simulation and all future updates. It also comes with one …

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Dirt Track Racing Kickstarter from Big Ant Studios

Dirt Track Racing Kickstarter

Modest beginning The Dirt Track Racing Kickstarter from Big Ant Studios is nearing the $20,000 pledged mark at the time of writing, with a target of $266,000 with 24 days remaining. Can a dirt racing game hit such a backing total. We hope so! With a pedigree in the genre …

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