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Mad Box console

While not particularly Sim Racing news, Slightly Mad Studios, the developers behind Project CARS have made an announcement about joining the console gaming arena. Not just with a game, with their own console. Dubbed the “Mad Box”, Ian Bell, The studios CEO claimed it would be the most powerful console …

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Race Car Stories: Lotus 49

Sometimes vehicles come a long in motorsport that change the game or are something a little bit special. In this and future videos, we will be exploring some of the great racing cars from different series from around the world. This time up, the iconic Lotus 49.

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Thrustmaster T.Racing Ferrari Edition Headset

Thrustmaster recently released a new high end gaming headset for use on the PC and I was lucky enough to pick up a set for my sim racing.   The headset in question is the Thrustmaster T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition Headset, Snappy name i know ! The first thing you …

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iRacing Season 3 2016 release notes

iRacing Season 4 Build Now Live

Its that time of year again when iRacing release their new season and build update ready for another 12 weeks on online racing. So whats new in this build you ask, well here we go everything new and of course the full change log for the tweaks and updates to …

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KartSim on rFactor 2

KartSim Today sees the release of the KartSim content pack for rFactor 2. KartSim is a close partner of rFactor2 and have created this pack with their own developers. The pack, on release, contains 3 laser scanned circuits and two types of kart. Circuits Buckmore park international circuit Buckmore park …

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The Formula Hybrid 2018

The Formula Hybrid 2018 for Assetto Corsa

The Formula Hybrid 2018 for Assetto Corsa is now available on the Race Sim Studio store. Priced at €3.99 you get a highly detailed vehicle that comes with and without the halo of the current generation formula cars. It also features the same wheel that is used in the Wave …

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iRacing Season 2 2018 patch 1

iRacing has just released its first patch for the new 2018 season 2 build. Its mainly a bug fix but its does include some updates to the Hybrid Power Units for the new LMP1 cars that have just been released.   Here is the complete patch change log – iRacing …

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