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New Fanatec CSL wheel base and pedals now available.

Fanatec have just released a new line of wheels and pedals named the CSL Elite range.

CSL, Club Sport Light, products are a new range of mid priced sim racing hardware from Fanatec including an all new wheel base, pedals and previously released wheel rim.

CSL Elite Wheel Base – 319.95€

CSL Elite Wheel Base

  • Super strong and fast brushless servo motor which delivers 6 NM on the steering axis
  • Single belt drive unit with just one belt between axis and motor
  • Automotive grade QR system and compatibility to all Fanatec CSL or ClubSport steering wheels
  • 1080° of rotation. Good for drifting
  • Rev Lights integrated on the base
  • Strong table clamp integrated
  • 2 shifter ports plus handbrake port. There are CSL Shifters and handbrake also coming up soon

There is also a 2 pedal base unit with the option to add a third pedal via a load cell option kit,

CSL Elite Pedals – 89.95€

CSL Elite Wheel Base

  • Solid full metal construction
  • Basic set comes with two pedals for throttle and brake
  • Great brake feeling even on the basic set as it comes with a strong metal spring and a PU foam damper/spring
  • The detachable rubber pads on the pedals give you the choice between grip or a slick surface.
  • Each pedal´s horizontal position on the heel rest is individually adjustable, and can even be separately mounted onto your customized cockpit without the heel rest plate.

CSL Elite Pedals Load cell Kit – 139.95€

CSL Elite Wheel Base

  • with the optional Load cell Kit you add a load cell brake and transform the former brake pedal into a clutch pedal.
  • The load cell brake pedal is actually a big load cell. The whole arm is the sensor and it measures pedal pressure of up to 90kg. Of Course you can adjust the brake force during game play.
  • There are three anti-skid pads included with this kit so you can decide between blank, rubber pad or anti-skid pads for each pedal.
  • Travel and stiffness of the LC brake can be easily and quickly adjusted without the need of tools.


You can find more details and also links to buy the above items from their website – HERE


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