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iRacing Reveal New Content Coming March 8th – New Mazda Video.

iRacing has now revealed all of the car related content, via in sim renders and preview videos, that will be released along side the new build due to arrive on March 8th 2016.

First up is the Mercedes AMG GT3 car,

And this is the iRacing preview video showing the car on track in sim


Along side the Mercedes will be the new 2016 Audi R8 LMS GT3 car,

again check out the preview video of the car on track in sim,


Both of these car will be ready to race in the 2016 season 2 Blancpain GT3 series on iRacing.com along side the BMW Z4, Mclaren MP4 and RUF 12R


They also have a new open wheel car in the form of the Formula Renault 2.0 which will feature in its very own series,

Here is the preview video of the Renault in action in sim,


Last up will be a new free car the 2016 Global Mazda MX5,

This car will be replacing the current MX5 in all official series starting from the beginning of season 2 2016.

UPDATE – New Mazda MX5 in sim video just released,


This time round iRacing are trying something new while the service is down for most of Tuesday March 8th as the new build and content is deployed, they will let you pre order the new paid content and then test it via a special offline test drive mode that will only be live while the main iRacing service is down.

You will need to go to the iRacing.com members site by logging on – HERE and then clicking on the store tab and then you can find the pre orders.

Now you wont be able to download the new content until the test drive feature goes live which can be found by – CLICKING HERE –  but they will show up as a pre order in your list of cars.

Now to find out more about the test drive feature and how to sign up for it please see the iRacing forum post about it all by – CLICKING HERE – be sure to read it through properly as you do have to follow a few steps to be able to use this new feature, you have been warned !

I have pre ordered the new cars and i will try and get the test drive feature working as i want to try out this new idea they are trying out, I may post about on the pitlanes forums if it all goes well so please keep an eye out for a new topic – HERE

The other confirmed highlights of the new build are DX11 and flashing headlights, but in a recent interview on ISRtv he did mention, or should that be hint, about an unannounced surprise coming in this new build. I have my fingers crossed it might be Imola as we know is very close to completion but i may well be wrong and it could be a feature rather than a new piece of content, we will for now just have to wait until March 8th or when the season 2 build release notes go live.


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