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iRacing.com – DX11 coming in March build

Well its been talked about for years but come March 2016 iRacing.com will finally throw the switch and allow users to run this sim in DX 11 for the first time ever.


Of course this will not mean the sim will immediately look or perform 100 times better but there will be some healthy FPS gains on some of the more demanding tracks on the service according to one of the devs Shawn Nash, which will please a lot of racers who have been suffering from FPS problems in the last couple of builds.

As Tony Gardner mentioned in his post on the iRacing forums – CLICK HERE to read the whole post, they will start off by allowing members to select DX11 as the default, rather than DX9, and then as the year goes on and new builds are released they will change the default over to DX11 and then completely turn off DX9 support, possibly by the end of the year.

One of the main reasons for the change to DX11 will be the added flexibility this new DX engine will allow the devs when adding new features and updates such as day/night transitions and even rain while keeping things running nice and smoothly.

Although i am looking forward to the new build when we can turn on DX11 i am far more excited about what the future builds will possibly bring us and as exciting as 2016 is going to be what a year we have install for 2017 when the sim goes 100% DX11 !

To find out more about iRacing.com please – CLICK HERE

Also please check out our news article about team Pitlanes.com going endurance racing to see if you would like to join in the fun by – CLICKING HERE




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