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gRally edging ever closer to release

The team developing the new sim rally title gRally have just refreshed and relaunched their website as it seems they are getting closer to an initial release of this long awaited new rally sim.

The website has listed what we can expect to be supported in the title and those of us who have invested in our racing rigs will be pleased to hear that triple screens and VR headsets along with high end wheels and pedals are all mentioned as being fully supported.

Another point of note is that the sim is based on the lastest DX12 graphics engine which should allow for some very special effects such as weather to be added to help with that crucial immersion factor.

gRally will also allows modding so expect to see plenty of new cars and tracks to be created by the community.

It looks like the sim will come with a rear and front wheel drive car to start with and a hint of a four wheel drive car to come later.

As for stages at the moment they list 4 including, Italy, Spain, Japan, Switzerland.



The only thing they don’t mention is a RELEASE DATE !!!! but it looks like to be sooner rather than later.

To check out all the news and details so far please check out their website by – CLICKING HERE



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