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D Series Update
D Series Update

D Series Update Incoming!

D Series Update

Out of nowhere, Kevin from Devotid has announce a D Series Update! Many had thought this had become abandonware, but fear not! In an update posted on Steam he briefly explains that personal circumstance had gotten in the way but now he is back developing the title, eager to keep moving forward.

He goes on to tell us that there are a raft of new features and improvements. Including, but not limited to;

  • New controller input system
  • DX11/DX12 Rendering
  • New vehicles
  • Custom track editor with workshop support for ease of sharing between users
  • Lots of general optimising and tweaks
D Series Update
D Series Update

The addition of a Jeep-Like vehicle with winch is an interesting one and not one we had seen coming here at pitlanes. It’s a welcome addition, which, in turn with the custom track editor could present some really good gameplay opportunities. We know how fun it is in Spintires!


D Series Update
D Series Update

Many will also be very happy with the control system update. In previous iterations of the title it seemed to be very hit and miss with how well it configured with controllers. Some reporting bliss, other horror with how it felt.

Are you happy D Series is being updated? Is it too little, Too late? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Read the full update on Steam by clicking here.

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