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Beta Christmas Patch to Motorsport Manager

Beta Christmas Patch to Motorsport Manager

The devs from Playsport Games have announced a Beta Christmas Patch to Motorsport Manager over on Steam.

Further to their earlier 1.1 “everyones a winner” build, which released on December 15th, they have pushed hard to give us another patch before the festive period.

Here’s what they had to say!

We’ve managed to squeeze one last patch in before Christmas! We know you’ll be wanting to tweak your tyre strategy in between your fifth and sixth mince pie of the day, so consider this one last filler for your stocking.

As per Patch 1.1, we’ve put it into the beta branch for you to try out before we make it live for everyone. Please add any feedback as replies to this post, just in case you pick up on anything we’ve missed in our own testing process.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve adjusted the AI for a few bits and pieces, most notably on the refuelling. Full patch notes are below. Bear in mind that you’ll see race AI changes at the next race if you currently have a race in progress.

· Fix to barriers being visible on some Tondela track layouts.
· Practice & Qualifying: AI cars now leave the garage in a less uniform manner and this leaves space on the track for players to slot their cars in to for the ultimate timed lap.
· Safety Car: AI cars now make better strategy calls on when to pit under the safety car.
· Refuelling: AI cars now make better judgement calls on how much fuel to use to get to their target lap count.
· Refuelling: AI cars no longer fill up their entire tank when refuelling during a race, they’ll now attempt to optimise their fuel usage based on how aggressive the team’s strategy is.
· Driving Style: AI drivers will no longer push too hard if it’ll impact their race pit strategy.
· Driving Style: AI drivers will now push more if they know they’ll need to stop for more fuel before they’ll need to change for new tyres.
· Engine Failures: AI cars will turn the engine down if they are experiencing an issue with it.
· Tyre Lock Ups: Reduced tyre wear when a driver locks up under braking.

To access the beta branch:
· Right-click game in library
· Choose properties
· Go to betas tab
· Enter password “MotorsportManager” in the text box
· Choose beta option from drop down menu above the text box
· Starting the game will install the beta

(Thanks to Gerhard Burglar who added instructions to our last post! We’ve reproduced them here. We hope Santa brings you lots of presents.)

It’s live right now on the beta branch and we’re planning to put it live to everyone in the next few days.

Happy Christmas everyone!

You can buy Motorsport Manager over on Steam now for £24.99. What do you think to the Beta Christmas Patch to Motorsport Manager? Let us know in the comments!

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