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Automobilista update v0.9.4 released

A new Early Access build of Automobilista has been released – v0.9.4 is now out and was posted by Renato Simioni on the Reiza Forums

Build v0.9.4 changelog below:

  • Fixed UI bug that could cause game to crash when clicking to exit it
  • Adjusted shaders & environment RGB settings for some lighting & color accuracy improvements
  • Further toning down of AI aggression in close racing conditions & adjusted slip reaction (improving reaction to front wheel grip loss)
  • Slightly improved collision detection & reaction (also slightly improves AI awareness to other cars)
  • Corrected TV Cockpit camera orientation rate in several cars
  • Fixed error which caused dust smoke from the dirt side of the road to be almost invisible (might actually resolve some performance / stuttering issues too)
  • Fixed bug with Salvador & Ribeirão dynamic road conditions not working
  • DynHUD: TelemetryInfo.mLapDistance is zeroed before crossing S/F line in a race session; Fixed NPE in LaptimesRecorder
  • Further tweaking to AI behavior to tone down aggression in close racing conditions (does not apply to mod cars or tracks unless these use the same AIW values)
  • Corrected AI qualifying performance in several tracks (were missing the ratio parameter that makes AI slightly faster in quali)
  • VIR: Tweaked road spec and changed event dates, updated skies accordingly
  • Spielberg (all versions): Shot down misplaced birds
  • Boxer Cup: LOD optimization; corrected skin alpha channels; callibrated AI performance; tweaked default Setup & tire physics
  • F-Extreme: Fixed bug with DRS flap opening not being visible; Fixed visibility of driver arms in T-Cam; Corrected wheel mount position & RPM leds; Set minimal weight to 702kg as per 2015 rules; adjusted weight distribution & tire physics
  • F-Reiza: Adjusted tire physics; Corrected wheel mount position & RPM leds
  • F-V10: Adjusted traction control scale levels
  • F-3: Corrected onboard cameras
  • Opalas: Fixed shift light not working

A couple of bugs from the previous version still remain (DynHUD freezing in Multiplayer when switching to race; Saved multiplayer replays show floating cars), these will be addressed for the next update, along with some other Multiplayer-related tasks.

A detailed development update is going to posted shortly too, so stay tuned!

If you have a bug to report please use the bug report thread. (make sure to check the opening post).

Purchase Automobilista here on Steam

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