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Automobilista early Access v0.9.6 out now.

Reiza Studios have just put a new early access build of their sim Automobilista bringing it up to version 0.9.6 and as you can see ever closer to the final v 1.0 release.

This new build not only contains the usual mix of bug fixes and updated features but a couple of new pieces of content.

The new car on offer is the Copa Montana Truck and the other is a track of sorts called Mendig Flugplatz which will be a semi fictional open area with track layouts.

We have a video of the Beta version of the Copa Montana Truck on our YouTube channel


The complete change log for v0.9.6 is posted below,


  • Added Copa Montana Series
  • Added Mendig Flugplatz (first of many layouts still to come for this venue)

Features & Fixes:

  • Added Time Trial integration with Virtual Xperience portal leaderboards (more about it here)
  • Integrated Steam Matchmaker into in-game Multiplayer lobby
  • Added new track limit violation system to clamp down excessive corner cutting & running wide (still subject to some track-specific fine-tuning – info & discussion about it here)
  • Adjusted tree shaders for improved lighting
  • Added alternative Interlagos, Kansai, Montreal, Spielberg track options removing GP-specific trackside objects and DRS / tire compound rules (same layout otherwise)
  • Fixed several multiplayer screen UI errors
  • DynHUD: Fixed HUD not displayed (properly) on multiplayer race start; Added a custom fix to Johannesburg trackmap; Fixed profile info being applied too late
  • VIR: Tweaked AI lines at Grand & Full layouts so they do a better job of avoiding dangerous curbs
  • F-Extreme Fixed oversized DRS textures which could cause memory overload
  • F-Retro: Fixed gear shift light not working
  • Boxer: Corrected off-center LCD display; Tweaked rear light; Fixed windshield reflection; Minor engine sound tweak; Minor adjustment to damper rates & rear wing; Increased default front anti-roll bar setting
  • Marcas: Minor tightening of tire slip angles & chassis inertia adjustment


Automobilista can be found on steam – HERE – and is currently in the summer sale with 25% off.


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