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Assetto Corsa Update News.

Kunos the team behind Assetto Corsa have released a lot of info about the upcoming update v1.2 via a statement on their Facebook page,

Here is a copy of what they had to say,

Yes, we know. Lately we left you a bit alone. We understand that lack of news can give a wrong impression, but we have never gone away. We had an awesome experience at E3, that has followed the announcement of Assetto Corsa on console for next year, and we came back with a lot of exciting new opportunities for Assetto Corsa. We are working on more than 30 new cars and new tracks that are being produced for all formats, as well as a completely new interface and new and improved features. It is obvious that the Assetto Corsa project grows more and more and so we decided to enlarge our team, and in the last six weeks we hired new talented people to help us on our task even more. These activities have required all our attention, in order to organise the workflow of the next months. Contemporary, we paid a visit to Brands Hatch circuit for our Laserscan survey of the track, and we also visited the McLaren Technology Centre, as well as the Ferrari Factory. We have exciting news to share about the reasons of these journeys and we will keep you updated in the following months.

In the meantime, after some testing made during the 24H race weekend, we have started to use a new technology and approach to record sounds, directly at Vallelunga race circuit, where our HQ is located. More details will be revealed soon, but we think you will appreciate the new level of sound environment we are achieving.

As you can see, despite of the lack of news, we are working hard behind the scenes. The free bonus pack will not introduce only new exciting content but, more importantly, new features and sensible improvements, in all sectors: artificial intelligence, physics, multiplayer features, graphics and general performance.

The changelog will give you only a rough idea of what you will find under the hood. The updates related to the physics engine and force feedback will allow you to appreciate even more the new cars included in the bonus pack and rediscover the old ones. Our aim is to guarantee you the best driving experience whichever car model you choose to drive, and we continuously work hard to tweak, update and refresh all the previous content available in Assetto Corsa. Other features are a small preview of the updates that will arrive in future, like for example, the glowing brakes,frequently asked by our fans. That is another reason why we taken more time to complete and test the new build.

Regarding the selection of the new cars, the Alfa Romeo Mito Quadrifoglio Verde will join the fight versus the 500 Abarth EsseEsse and can also teach a thing or two against some older RWD machinery; the Audi Quattro is a legendary car so loved by car enthusiasts. When it was presented everybody else was struggling to put on the road around 200bhp. The Audi had over 300bhp and 4 wheel drive in the mid 80s! Not enough? We give also a tuned step1 version with locked differentials and “moar powaaah”! The Lamborghini Miura SV is one of the most beautiful car ever created and welcomes the Automobili Lamborghini Brand in Assetto Corsa. It defined the term supercar back in the 60s and now we give you the opportunity to drive this million value piece of car history . The Toyota GT86 has been developed in cooperation with RSR Nurburg, that knows each single secret of this modern hachi-roku (eighty six), a car that makes every car enthusiast yell with excitement and every tyre tremble with fear. Our developers tried hard to learn every aspect of the car dynamics. Some tyres have been sacrificed for the cause… Last but not least, the Nissan GT-R Nismo doesn’t need to be introduced: reproducing its dynamic behaviour has been a true and exciting challenge, due to active central differential and the well known performances on the Nordschleife. Thanks to the precious support of RSR Nurburg, the help of engineers that work on the car from around the world and our own research, we have been able to replicate the “Godzilla” at its best.
When? VERY soon!

So what does very soon mean, well i have my fingers crossed for this week as they have gone into a fair bit of detail and why break their silence now about the new update if it was not ready to more or less go live.

To find the game on Steam please – CLICK HERE

And to keep an eye on their Facebook page – CLICK HERE


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