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Assetto Corsa Update & Hotfix

This week Kunos released a new update to their sim Assetto Corsa bringing it up to version 1.3.5.

This new update brought along the usual mix of fixes but as a little bonus we got a new car in the form of the road going Audi R8 Plus.

I do like this car and i for one am very happy to see an official version for this sim to go with the GT3 version released a little while ago.

Here is the rest of the v1.3.5 update change log,

– New Audi R8 V10 Plus bonus car
– Fixed Nissan GT-R Nismo fuel gauge
– Fixed Mercedes SLS GT3 default tyre texture
– Fixed Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Hard tyres name, causing issue on MP tyre compound restriction
– acServer: fixed issue with timing who caused session skipping
– ksEditor: Added fuel and brakes script tools
– Corrected Alfa Romeo 4c alignment and setup values
– Eliminated wrong tags from Ford GT40
– Works on the tyre heating model continues with new surface rolling heat generation on some cars
– Performance optimization on car multithread physics
– New improved smoothing and “anti lag” systems for both client and server

And then a few days later we had a hotfix update version 1.3.6 sorting out some issues racers found with 1.3.5 and the change log for 1.3.6 is below but its only a small one this time,

– Audi R8 V10 Plus cockpit changeable brake balance disabled
– Tweaked Alfa Romeo GTA default setup
– Ferrari F458 S3 on V6 tyres and small electronic diff tweaks
– Client side anti-lag improvements
– Removed chatty debug log messages in MP
– Tweaked “default” Post Processing effect
– Fixed limiter sound for Pagani Zonda


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