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Assetto Corsa Hot Fixes 1.13.1 and 1.13.2 now live

Following on from the big Assetto Corsa build 1.13 Kunos recently released they have now patched up a few things on this sim with two hot fix updates.

The first update was,

– Fixed Porsche 911 RSR 2017 technical description text
– Fixed Mazda MX-5 NA automatic clutch assist.
– Small adjustments to Mazda MX-5 NA aero drag, wheels inertia and other bits and bytes here and there.
– Improved Mazda MX-5 NA British Racing Green and Montego Blu skins
– Fixed mouse steering getting stuck in MP when pressing ESC
– Fixed Mazda MX-5 NA shifting animation speed
– Fixed OpenVR rendering with PP off and AA off
– Added OpenVR app to set Render Multiplier (Supersampling)

and the second and latest is,

– Fixed Setup delete function not removing preset files
– Fixed Pitstop Quick Menu Fuel value when setup is fixed
– Added special events for latest free content
– Fixed Flag with VR and PP off
– Added pupillary distance management on OpenVR app (it may affect world scale feeling)
– Tweaked downshift protection indicator position to scale with screen resolution
– Added more log debug for Downshift Protection
– Pitstop Quick Menu Wing is now relative instead of absolute
– Fixed BMW 1M rear street tyres wrong wear values


They both contain some useful updates and fixes for VR users.

Both of these updates will be downloaded automatically when you you next fire up Steam on your PC.



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