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Watch Team Pitlanes.com Race Live !

After several PC upgrades i have given pitlanes.com live streaming race’s on YouTube a much needed make over.

We now stream in full HD and at 60PFS and we have a custom overlay showing the sim, series, car along with live stats such a track map and standings so you know just how good ( or bad ) we are doing during a race and this will hopefully make it more enjoyable to watch.

I am still finding the best option for us to interact with viewers live rather than before and after the race as we do now. I have now found a way to add YouTube live chat to the stream so that everyone can see whats being said no matter what platform you view the race on, although its not live just yet as i want to combine it with a way of responding first.

We are currently live streaming two different iRacing.com series on our channel, including the RUF GT3 Challenge series which is a 30 minute long single car fixed setup series featuring the Ruf RT 12R Track edition.

So far this has been very eventful series i can tell you with many a challenging race !

We are also racing in the Kamel GT series which is a multi-class championship featuring the 1989 IMSA Audi GTO and Nissan GTP cars. These races are also 30 minutes long but feature cars of differing classes and of course open setups which does add to the challenge.

We are currently running the Nissan GTP car in this series and some how managing to deal with the power of the monster turbo it runs.

We tend to race on the weekends, mainly Sundays. I do post on our Facebook page the details of when and where will be in advance of each race so you can either join in the race, don’t forget we have team paints for most cars in iRacing.com you can use, or get the drinks and popcorn ready if you want to sit back relax and watch how we get on. When we got bored in racing games, we open an online gambling site where we can win real prizes — ทางเข้า W88.


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As always we are working hard on finding ways to make our races stand out and be more interesting and exciting to be involved with and if you have any help, tips or advice to help with this please let us know in the comments section below.
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