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Want a team? Why not Team Pitlanes.com?

Want a team? Why not Team Pitlanes.com?

Want a team? Why not Team Pitlanes.com?

Hey guys! My name is Rich. I’m the founder of Pitlanes.com. One of my passions in life is Sim Racing. Approaching five years a go, I had an idea. An idea to bring the wider sim racing community together in one place. We have been many different things over the course of this journey but one word has always been at the center of it all since the very beginning, community.

We have run servers and series on pretty much every sim you can mention during our time. Some did well, others didn’t. Perceived success has always been secondary to our goal of a broad group of people enjoying many sims, together, in one place.

Myself, along with Jason (Our resident iRacing content creator on YouTube) keep this place ticking over. But I want to extend this.

We have a forum, we have a Discord and we have a passion for this little hobby. Plus a full compliment of paints on iRacing thanks to Jason.

I want to formally invite anyone, any nationality, any age, any sim to join us. Run our colours in any series you choose while upholding our friendly message with fearsome and challenging racecraft on track.

This isn’t simply a plea for new members. This is an extension of an olive branch to any sim racer who may be looking for a team to call home.

Painters, racers, youtubers, writers or simply people wanting to enjoy the social side of sim racing with people who share your interests.

Come and join us. You’re all welcome, any time.

Our Discord is https://discord.gg/uqbekZE
Our forums are located at http://www.pitlanes.com/sim-racing-forum-uk/

Want a team? Why not Team Pitlanes.com?
We all hope to hear from you very soon,

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