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Its time for us to do our annual sim racing winter sale round up so you can all grab yourself a bargain or two as the year comes to a close.

So lets dive straight in and get the list underway, its why your here after all !

All offers are on until the 3rd January 2019.

ASSETTO CORSA is up for grabs with 75% with the Ultimate Edition coming in at only £15.22

AUTOMOBILISTA has a massive 75% off and is now only £5.74

DIRT RALLY has an impressive 80% off and is now only £4.99

Not to be out done DIRT 4 is also on sale with 80% off at £8.99

F1 2018 has 60% off and is now only £17.99

Now IRACING is slightly different in that its subscription based but even through Steam it is on offer with a new 12 month sub coming in at only £32.99 including a 29% discount.

PROJECT CARS 2 is on sale with 67% off at just £14.84

Now although RACEROOM is a free to play title they do have DLC and its all 30% off at the moment

RFACTOR 2 is half price at just £12.89

I hope you found a title you have not already got and picked it up at a great price.

If you know of a sim racing title we have missed off the list please Tweet us to get it added to the list – https://twitter.com/PitLanes

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