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Sim Racing System comes back to rFactor 2

Sim Racing System Comes back to rFactor

Praise be to the Sim Racing gods, Sim Racing System comes back to rFactor 2!

In Case you don’t know, Sim Racing System is a way to race online with regular races going live. It comes complete with a rating system so you can gauge the skill of other drivers. I also personally like the fact that SRS enforces real driver names. It brings more realism to the situation.

The Series

Sim Racing System comes back to rFactor 2
First up we have Radicals at Portugal, USF 2000 at Lime Rock Park and the Stock Car at Alabama

How to join in

Go to this page on the SRS website and download the app.
Extract and install to your steamapps/common/rfactor2 folder
Open the srsfactor2.exe and login
Note, to join races Steam must be open but both the rFactor 2 launcher and sim must not be running. Also, make sure you’re subscribed to the content required in the steam workshop.

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