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rFactor 2 new car and track updates

ISI have just released a new car and track update for rFactor 2.

The Corvette C6R GTR has been updated to version 1.62.

This update is mostly about bringing in the technology missing from the older version (released at around this time last year), along with a few more minor tweaks. You may now upgrade to our CPM (contact patch model) version of the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 with version 1.62 (below). You’ll also notice updates to wet cooling (which should make slicks more difficult in damp and wets stay alive longer).

You can download it – HERE

And the track that has been given a make over is the Autofromo Massimo Angiolucci Brianza.

It has now hit version 2.0 and features the following updates,
Added Junior layout
Implemented latest RealRoad shader
Applied RealRoad to curb materials
Cleaned up road textures and replaced detail maps
Improved concrete detail map texture set (pitlane, banking)
Improved road wet masks
Reconformed painted stripes and enhanced textures and material
Fixed minor terrain gap
Implemented new terrain shader
Remapped terrain for new terrain shader
Terrain Radiosity pass + manual pass
Reverted all MIP Map bias to default
Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance
Optimized fence textures and materials
Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance
Fixed transparent tree issue at banking T1
Improved and conformed vegetation texture set
Fixed tree and treeline mapping glitches
Reduced flickering vegetation
Applied subtle random vertex colours to vegetation
Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures
Optimized Armco and fences for smoother performance
Enhanced stone wall normal map
Improved see-through glass textures and materials
Optimized buildings for better and smoother performance
Optimized grandstands for better and smoother performance
Made pit exit lights functional
Fixed score tower logo mapping
Added marshals in banking score towers
Optimized sponsor signs
Optimized trackside light objects
Slightly improved marshal textures
Enhanced and optimized trackside vehicles textures and materials
Optimized LOD and shadow distances on all objects for better performance
Removed virtually all object popups
Repopulated all reflection maps after optimization pass
Tweaked fog values
Removed HDR Profiles
Updated TDF to latest set of values
New loading screens
Added Test Team RRBINs
Updated GDB, includes better movable object reactions
Updated AIWs
New and updated CAMs

The track can be downloaded – HERE

To find out more about rFactor 2 and to download the new demo please – CLICK HERE



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