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rFactor 2 Build v1109

rFactor 2 Build v1109

The rFactor 2 Build v1109 dropped on Sunday and is clearly aimed at putting parts of the puzzle required for Formula E in place.

Build Notes

  • (DX11) fixed the undercar shadow becoming hard to see at certain low sun angles and reflective road surfaces;
  • Removed an error message in the Launcher when a component already was installed because that’s not an error;
  • Onboard controls for changing the engine brake mapping;
  • Physics enhancement to allow building engines that won’t stall because they are electric;
  • Added proper playback of transmission sounds on AI/network cars;
  • Physics enhancement to properly generate heat when regenerating energy;
  • Added extra values to display in cockpits and on steering wheels for tyre pressures, temperature, and mixture, boost and brake mapping and brake bias settings;
  • (DX11) ambient undercar shadow fixes so they won’t show up on parts of the car, just the ground underneath it.
  • Fixed shader error loading.

In the run up to the release of the Formula E pack on rFactor 2, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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