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RaceRoom Racing Experience Audi TT Cup Car

Sector3 have just released the new Audi TT Cup car for raceRoom Racing Experience today after updating this sim yesterday.

This new car will feature the push to pass system just like the real car, which if you are not sure about is explained below,

The Audi Sport TT Cup car features the so-called “push-to-pass” function, which gives the car an extra engine boost of 22 kW (30 hp) for 10 seconds,
followed by a 20 second cooldown phase, before it can be used again.

A blue LED light will signalize when a driver has pressed the push-to-pass button.

Push-to-Pass can be used in all the sessions.

The number of allowed activations during the race is determined by the starting position:
Grid rows 1-3: 15 activations
Grid rows 4-6: 15+1 activations
Grid rows 7-9: 15+2 activations
Grid rows 10-12: 15+3 activations

I am looking forward to trying this new system out as it will add a new angle to racing and overtaking.

This car has been released as a pack with all the liveries available for 499VRP in the R3E store and to buy it now please – CLICK HERE



Here is a video on the pitlanes.com Youtube channel where i get stuck into a close battle or two with these cars.



To find R3E in the Steam Store please – CLICK HERE



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