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Race Room Experience Crew Chief/Spotter App

Mr Belowski has officially released his excellent crew chief/spotter app for Race Room Experience called Crew Chief version 3 which adds a whole new dimension to this sim.

I find it very useful when battling in the pack when the racing is close and some what frantic.

This is because even with a triple screen setup the way this game engine works it stretches the image across the screens rather than rendering them separately as it does in titles such as Assetto Corsa or iRacing.com and as such you don’t get the benefit of increased side vision meaning you can’t always see where the cars around you are.

This is where this great little app comes in and gives you an audio warning of where the cars around you are, along with letting you know if the car behind is gaining on you and so on.

Some of the crew chief call outs can be a little excessive at times but it’s never enough to put you off from using it as the spotter call outs this app provides, which include the real racers names that are on track with you, are spot on and so useful.

Check out this video below to hear this app in action,

To find out more including the download links and how to get this app up and running please visit the Sector3 Studios forums – HERE


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