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NASCAR 21: Ignition 1.4 update news

NASCAR 21: Ignition released to universal disappointment. Much was hoped of this title. New developer, new game engine, high promises. It failed to deliver. But with the recently released roadmap, will it become the title we all hoped it would?

NASCAR 21: ignition road map

The imminently expected 1.4 patch comes with two features.

Stages: This has been requested since day one. The NASCAR faithful firmly believe this is a core part of the NASCAR experience and have been extremely vocal that it was initially omitted from the NASCAR 21: Ignition release.

Private parties: when you have six friends, you can create private parties. While welcome, this has immediately led to the community asking “Why six”. I have to agree but have to presume there is some technical reason there is a minimum of six required.

NASCAR 21: Ignition update 1.4 video

Personally, I am wanting to see a huge amount done for wheels. I want to see them make the options much deeper as at the moment, you select a set profile and that’s that. If you use a different set of pedals or a shifter, it will not work and that’s unacceptable. Beyond this, I really want to see a huge list of general fixes.

Let us know what you’d like from this title in the comments.

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