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International Sim Racing Federation

International Sim Racing Federation

Today more details about the International Sim Racing federation was sent out via a press release. Their statement follows below. What do you guys think to this initiative? We would love to know!

With eSports and sim racing growing rapidly, time has come to structure sim racing across a multitude of simulators and countries. Therefore, the International Sim Racing Federation has sprung from initiators from various backgrounds.

The non-profit organisation will focus entirely on developing the sport of sim racing, creating racing and business opportunities for its members, associations, communities and leagues. The structure of the federation is entirely democratic, and currently in recruiting phase for its first official board.

The federation is backed by several associations, communities, teams and high profile sim racers across the globe, and has already attracted companies and game developers to work together on common goals.

The idea for the federation was introduced at the 2016 Sim Racing Expo at the Nürburgring, with several associations, communities and teams at a meeting, where the concept was further developed and the initial formation of the interim board was made.

According to the game plan developed in the expo, the board and managing positions of the ISRF are now open for applications from all across the world, after which it starts working on its goals, which is to structure and improve the sport of sim racing.

International Sim Racing Federation

Signed on behalf of all participants of the International Sim Racing Federation:

Associations and communities:
Finnish Sim Racing Association, GermanSimracingGroup, Macau-China SimRacing Association, NEO Endurance, SimRace.pl, Sim Racer Indonesia, Campeonato Español de Simulación, Simulation Racing Philippines, HiPole, Formula SimRacing, RTFT ALLSTAR RACING LEAGUE, Driving Simulation Center, XtremeRPM SimRacing, Real Championship F1, Live-Sim, Virtualdrivers by TX3, RFEDA, Cloud Sport, GT Sport, SimRacing.club, RaceRfactor, Euskotracks, Sim Racing Paddock, Gran Turismo Hispano, MundoGT.es, XtremeRPM, Exclusive racing series, Virtual Grand Prix Sweden, GPVWC.com, ACRD assetto corsa rally département, Raceonoz, Racerfactor, Playbox, Shadowracingrsa, Simzone.net, RACE.WARMD, DrivingItalia.NET, GTHQ, AMS League, Raceday-Speed-Association, F1aXion.gr, Pitlanes.com, RaceRfactor, New Dimension Racing, Simology, Amigos de Gran Turismo, Formula SimRacing, DC-SimRacing, Old Drivers Spirit, Virtualracecar forum, Trellet.net, PTSims.net Simulações em Portugal, Assetto.es, Sim Racing Mania, WE TALK GAME (Senegal), Simply Race.

Avid Chronic Racing Team, Simracing For Holland, Team RedLine, Motorsportspain, HooSIER E-Sports, Satellite Racing, Atlantic Motorsport, Reverse Gear MotorSports, SimTech Motorsport, Momentum Endurance, MadCape Racing Team, VBM, JCL SIMRACING, ANBU Racing, Satellite Racing, Fusion SimRacing, All Star Motorsports, Trans Tasman Racing, Morabia Rebellion, VRS Coanda Simsport, Apex Racing UK, Macau Sim Racing Team, GTOS Racing Team, 130 Racing, MOMO Racing Team, LupaRossa Motorsport, A Magia dos Rallyes, Blue Flag Racing, Nova Racing Team, Pulse Motorsport, Revolution Racing, Origin Front Row Racing Team, Happy cat racing, Draig Racing, BAM e-Sport, Real Championship, Black Bull Racing, Team Turkiye, Motorsports Sim Racing Team, RPR Team, Mad Cow Racing, 3 Wide Motorsport, LoeWe Racing, Quatermass Motorsport, Apex Racing UK, Talento racing team, SimSport, Vortex SimRacing, Razor GP Simracing Team, RMR Motorsport, GTfusion Association, Pure Racing Team, VIB3SPORT, Last Lap Motorsports, Ajira Racing, RWTeam, Josh martin Racing, Bravos Motorsports, Ghostspeed Racing, Witchwood Team.

Rui Santos, Jake Sparey, Michael Mittner, Gjon Camaj, Jason Mitchell, Alvin Nieves Rosario, Carl Wicker, Daniel Junqueira, Evan Roush, Zakricsi, Tim Mulvihill, Andre Rajkovic, Attila Keri, Matt Golik, Jake Burton, Karel Demeersseman, Ricardo Costa, Joshua Cresswell, Javi Utreras, Isaac Kotschner, Michael Bourn, Alex Chng, Jordie Peters, Wei Han Chan, Oscar Mangan, Daniel Brewer, Bob Bieber, Dorval, Mario Rocha, Balázs Toldi, Rúben Almeida, Leonard Lee, SY Yeong, Nathan Schartner, Danny Resser, Marcel Kleene, Christian Tropeano, Wong Chun Wing.

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