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Indianapolis Motor Speedway v1.3
Indianapolis Motor Speedway v1.3

Indianapolis motor speedway v1.3

Image Space Inc. are very happy to release an updated Indianapolis Motor Speedway v1.3! This update joins the recently updated Dallara DW12 Indy car to provide a place where you can race an Indy 500, but also with the stock cars – due for release very soon – a place where you can run a Brickyard 400 as well!

AI has seen quite a bit of improvement (especially on the 2007 GP layout and Oval) in the current public build, and will get even better with the upcoming build release (again – very soon). We’ve used a proprietary data technique to add some of the bumps we were able to detect during the initial surveys, and are very happy with how that has turned out. All-round, this is a very nice update to a fantastic facility!

Track profile page here.

You can download v1.3 here (446MB).
IMS v1.3 Changelog (from v1.03):

New additions
– Added “Brickyard 400″ layout for Stock Cars
– Added road (micro)bump for 2007 layout
– Added road (micro)bump for 2013 layout
– Added road (micro)bump for 2014 layout
– Added 2007/2013 and 2014 curb texture variations
– Added service pitlane fence posts for 400/500/2014
– Added Pit In cone for 400/Stock Cars
– Added dashed line on pitlane for 400 and 500 layouts
– Removed pitwall fences for 400/500/2014 layouts
– Enhanced AIWs for Speedways — less extreme Block Path
– Tweaked dashed painted stripe length
– Replaced loading screens for all layouts

– Fixed various terrain gaps on drivable surfaces
– Fixed missing piece of road/terrain for 2007 and 2013 layouts
– Fixed gap in S1/T3 road for 2007/2013 layouts
– Fixed curbs gaps for 2007
– Fixed various painted stripe glitches
– Fixed and tweaked various GDB entries
– Fixed garage back door colliders on F1 pit garages
– Fixed UV mapping glitches on Gift Shops
– Fixed pit entry line for 400 and 500 layouts
– Fixed minor errors in all AIWs
– Fixed and improved various trackside cameras

Specific AIW tweaks for 2007 layout
– Stopped AI hitting garages when leaving
– Reduced false positive cut track warnings
– Improved AI speed in some corners
– Made LEFT Path to pit entry transition smoother

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