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FVR V8Supercars 2014 - 2016

FVR V8Supercars 2014 – 2016

FVR V8Supercars 2014 to 2016 simulates the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Australian V8 Supercars Championship. The creators have tried to get as much detail in these as they can imagine. They also have a User Interface for the mod to have a subtle blend colour. The mod has multiple options in it to suit various configurations of how you want to drive, you can change configurations of the cockpit. The diff ratios and tyres are set for the Australian tracks, with subtle annual changes.

Please understand that if you find a fault we are only human let the creators know as we may be able to update. They do this for their own enjoyment and hopefully yours along the way.

Uninstall all previous versions.

Special thanks to the following:
Ferret40 – Skins and templates
dBens1 – Physics
Feralarri – Physics, Tyres and assisting with compilation
Bebop01 – All sounds
FlashQld – All 3D models, scripting and stuff

FVR Special Access Members for their feedback, testing and fault finding. A few of you guys went above and beyond, stay tuned for some more testing very soon.


FVR Members for just being there.

Our dogs, cats, partners and kids.

PS is you fancy you can do the 2013 season let us know so we can include it. We’ll be happy to help where possible.

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Click here to go to the mod post on the ISI forums

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