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Different Tyre Compounds Coming To RACEROOM

The next patch for RaceRoom coming early September will introduce different tyre compounds, adding even more strategic options to your races.

Depending on the car you will get to choose from a number of different compounds set to include soft, medium and hard.

Currently the FR X-17 and FR US are planned to receive this update.

The wear rate of these new tyres will be track and race length dependent, but it seems that early indications from testers is that the tyres will last approx,

Soft – 20 minutes

Medium – 40 minutes

Hard – 60 minutes

But each tyre compound will have a direct effect on your level grip available as well as the length of time you can race them due to wear.

This could add an extra element to longer races that require pit stops as you try and balance grip against wear !


RaceRoom Dev Georg has posted a video from a test session where the new tyres were raced in a multi class race with pit stops.


All the details so far can be found on the RaceRoom forum – HERE

And RaceRoom can be found on Steam for free – HERE

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