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D Series Off Road Simulation Update

D Series Off Road Simulation Update

D Series Off Road Simulation Update

“BUT THE GRAPHICS, RICH” I can already hear you shouting. But hold on a moment, the latest D Series Off Road Simulation Update makes something very neat into a real gem. I understand the limitations of the graphics, I’m on board, but guys, look at what we have here and try to be objective.

A fully featured 3D track creation tool inside a genre where this simply doesn’t happen. Imagine such a simple yet in depth tool being available for the likes of rFactor 2 or Assetto Corsa. No, I’m not putting this on that level of simulation, though I do think D Series is superb in its own right. I’m honestly very hyped about the freedom and variety this could provide.

Within minutes in the video below, I have a track, in game, with some assetts. With an hour it would be something cool. A few hours and it may aswell ship with the game. All delivered with a simplistic, easy to understand UI and a comprehensive manual, if required.

The fact that this is created by one guy (It was last time I properly checked in) makes this all the more impressive. Then looking for a Steam link for the description of the video I saw it’s currently 60% off on Steam and can be bought for under £5. A few hours tinkering and having fun creating something cool is worth £5 of anyones money to support a clearly dedicated, hard working Indie dev.

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I realise I seem to be gushing a bit. I just wish other sims had this functionality. Create a track, put it on Steam workshop, get buddies to download it, have at it in multiplayer. Maybe it will motivate/fund the dev to use a better graphics engine in future.


Buy with the new D Series Off Road Simulation Update here on steam.

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