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1969 Formula 5000 cars rFactor 2

1969 Formula 5000 cars

1969 Formula 5000 cars WIP on rFactor 2

Modder “stdave” recelntley released an updated work in progress version of his 1969 Formula 5000 cars on rFactor 2.

Change log for version 0.70.
AI tyres tweeked to stop the ai understeering off.
DisplayClassOverride=”F5000 1969″ added to upgrades.ini
Car selection menu changed to F5000/car type/car. Instead of F5000/car.

All Cars driver arms on steering wheel now working.
All Cars using rF2 historic driver model.
All Cars suspension arm connections adjusted.

Eagle Mk5, Lola T190, Crossle 15F, LeGrand Mk11, Lotus 70 cockpit gauges position updated to suit rF2 historic driver model.

Lola T142 mirror upgrade working correctly.
Lola T142 engine heat effect added.

Lola T190 revcounter needle working.

Eagle Mk5 new Eagle wheels.
Eagle Mk5 gauge needles resized.

McLaren M10A Chrome mirrors added, painted mirrors as an upgrade.

Removed from .tbc files AIPitThreshold=0.86 // Remaining grip threshold before AI schedule to stop for fresh tires

Additional sounds updated.

1969 Formula 5000 cars

Version 0.8

SteeringFFBMult is no longer used by rFactor2 so has been removed from the upgrades.ini files.

Lola T142 engine heat effect removed, I can not find any info about using the engine heat effect so I have removed it.

Lola T142, Lola T190, cockpit gauges updated.

Lola T190, Crossle 15F spinner files fixed.

Lotus 70 Ford Engine added, 438hp @ 6750rpm, 489.3Nm @ 5750rpm. Ford engine sounds adjusted slightly.

Plymouth engine added ready for Eagle Mk5 Plymouth 489.3Nm @ 5750 RPM – 454 Hp @ 7000 RPM

All cars updated hdv files based on new info from new physics development blog.

All cars Ambient Occlusion added to car bodys.

Version 0.80 download links
Link 1

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Original post on rFactor 2 forums

1969 Formula 5000 cars

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